MBI Energy Services

Acquired: September 2010

Sold: July 2014

Belfield, North Dakota – MBI Energy Services is a leading provider of oilfield services in the Williston Basin of North Dakota and Montana.  The company provides services that address the fluid management and related transportation needs for the entire life of an oil well.  These services include procurement and delivery to the well site of fresh water and other fluids required for drilling, hydro-fracturing, and workover operations; removal and disposal of pit water, hydrofracturing flowback water, and saltwater produced with crude oil; short-haul crude oil hauling; transportation and delivery of certain non-fluids such as drilling mud, frac tanks, and proppant sand; and other related services such as frac tank rental and swabbing services.  The company is believed to be the largest provider of such services in the Williston Basin.