Michael Israel






Michael Israel

Investment Advisor 








Mike is a co-founder of Mill City Capital. He led Mill City’s inaugural investment in Missouri Basin Well Service, Inc. as well as co-leading our investments in Renaissance Power Systems and Horizon Hobby. He is currently an active board member of Wholesale Produce Supply and Horizon Hobby. In addition to serving on these boards, Mike advises and consults with Mill City in areas of industry research, deal due diligence and structuring, and overall investment strategy. 

Mike began his career in 1990 as a corporate finance analyst at Piper Jaffray. In 1992 he joined GHJ&M as an associate, and over his career there increased responsibilities including serving as Chief Financial Officer and in 2004 he was named a Managing Director. While at GHJ&M, Mike led or co-led the acquisitions of Woodcraft Industries, Remmele Engineering and Mid Valley Industries.

Mike holds a degree in Economics from Stanford University.

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